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Kaizen is a full service research firm which approaches research from the perspective of consultancy.
We specialize in quantitative study, qualitative study, value chain assessment, market segmentation, feasibility study.
We advise corporate houses as well as development agencies.

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Kaizen brings together the right people and technology to help you gain valuable insights into your industry, customers and stakeholders. We provide Accurate, Authentic and Affordable research solutions for clients and help them make decisions that can lead to profitable growth.


We are KAIZENERS. We believe in continuous  improvement of Research through CUSTOMIZATION that is founded on technical excellence.


To enlighten, empower and improve through innovation and thought-leadership that lead business to profitable growth.

Market Research Project





Market Research

Value Chain Assessment
Value Chain Analysis is a useful tool for working out how you can create the greatest possible value for your stakeholders. In manufacturing, where the manufacturer “adds value” by taking a raw material of little use to the end user and converting it into something that people are prepared to pay money for (e.g. processed food). But this idea is just as important in service industries, where people use inputs of time, knowledge, equipment, and systems to create services of real value to the person being served – the customer.
We assist our clients to understand and quantify their value addition so that they can serve their customers better.
Market Segmentation
I am your perfect customer. I’m out there but how do you know who I am, what my interests are, where I live and what challenges I face? Market segmentation helps you define and group your customers according to common interests, values and challenges. When done well, it allows you to communicate far more effectively with them. It gives you the opportunity to present them with relevant and meaningful information. It’s a crucial first step in personalising how you communicate with your customers. Find your perfect customers (target market), engage with them on their terms and build your business around what makes them happy.
Feasibility Test
Okay, you know you’ve got the customers out there. How will they respond to your product/service? Is the demand really worth the supply? Feasibility testing is your way of testing before investing. Great products consider the real world problems they’re solving for their customers. Is the product that you’ve created really going to solve your customer’s real world problems? Feasibility testing sets out to answer these questions. It adds confidence to the decision making process and often stimulates better product development.
Market Sizing
So you found your perfect target market. Are there enough perfect customers out there to build a successful business around, or launch a new product for? Market sizing takes the guesswork out of the critical business decisions you need to make. It answers questions such as the geographic spread of your target market. The potential size of your target market. Make informed decisions and take the guesswork (risk) out of your business planning processes.
Product Test
Surveys are the primary collection mechanism for feedback from customers and other stakeholders. Our survey builder allows you to easily create a wide range of surveys and supports distribution across web, email, SMS, USSD and kiosk channels. We’ve got libraries of preconfigured survey templates to get you up and running quickly.
Ad Test
Is the message you’re putting out there well understood? Is it interpreted as intended by your intended audience? This is no longer a “nice to have”. In fact, regulations such as “Treat Customers Fairly” (TCF) actually requires formal evidence that product advertising has been tested. It’s crazy that we’ve got to a point that ad testing is legislated in certain sectors, but don’t forget, it does provide valuable research that you can put to good use and use to build trust with your customers.
Brand Health Study
A brand is a perception in its consumers’ minds. A strong brand can command a premium price. This power of a brand is measured by Kaizen – Brand Health Survey. While checking a brand’s health certain vital aspects are captured such as how aware are people of the brand, how do they perceive the brand, what do they expect from it and from other competitors and whether they intend on buying. Tracking brand equity is an important function of any brand manager or of someone in marketing. Not only does it help in staying a step ahead of competition, but it also quantifies the effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns.

Objectives of Brand Health Survey

Broadly, this technique is used to measure a 360 degree view of a brand. It includes but not limited to the following aspects:

  • Awareness and usage
  • Stakeholders’ perception of the brand
  • Performance of the brand on its value proposition
  • Customer loyalty
  • Strategy to allocate resources aptly for maximizing the brand potential
  • Ability to charge premium
Predictive Analytics
We’ve successfully designed and tested numerous data models. Using this wealth of historic data, we’ve been able to build models with up to 85% confidence (that’s pretty high) allowing us to predict business outcomes based on customer behaviour. It’s really powerful stuff when done correctly. It relies heavily on accurate, clean data. Luckily we’ve got the skills and technology to provide just that.
Real Time feedback
The heartbeat of your customer experience.

People are interacting with your business on the go. Whether it be using an app, or popping into a branch in between meetings. Real Time Feedback or RTF, as we call it in this neck of the woods, is designed to collect feedback from customers as soon after a direct interaction with your business.

We ensure that our RTF surveys are kept concise, to the point and easy for the customer to respond to especially when replying on a mobile device. We’ve seen some incredible response rates using our well designed RTF survey framework.

Stakeholder Research

Employee Survey
There is so much going on today in our busy working worlds and sometimes the best way to find out how our staff are feeling is to pop them a quick survey. We can help you to design simple, once off or complex ongoing survey models for your staff. Perhaps you want to know what they think of a training intervention you have implemented? Talk to us about employee surveys.
Employee Engagement Model
How aligned are your team to the goals and objectives of your business? Are they trained and equipped to perform the tasks you ask of them? How do you know what motivates your different teams if you don’t ask them? In order to retain talent in your business you need an understanding of what motivates and inspires your staff to realise their full potential. We can design a bespoke employee engagement model to measure and report on the key performance metrics you have defined as a business. We can help ensure that your metrics align correctly to your business goals. We link this research to the implementation of strategies in your business designed to get the best out of your team.

Qualitative Research

Focus Group Discussion
Not all customer interactions are created equal. How do you know where to focus your efforts? Customer Journey Mapping looks at the big picture first. We evaluate where customers and potential customers first come into contact with your business and map out the entire journey from there. We look at how, where and when you acquire customers, how you service and retain them, and why they leave you. Most importantly we want to discover “Moment’s of Truth”, the precious moments when you have an opportunity to directly influence a customer’s decision. It’s these moments that we look for, it’s where we want to drive the most significant change for your customers and your business.
In Depth Interview
Have you ever faced hesitation in expressing yourself among a group of people, if yes then you are not alone even stakeholders important to a research might feel the same. Additionally there could be respondents who are opinion leaders and might not feel comfortable sharing his/her views in public. For these respondents in depth interview is the solution
Extended Group Discussion
This is a mixture of in depth interview and Focus Group Discussion. FGD usually lasts one to one and a half hour but an extended group lasts around 3 hours. The respondents of EGD are usually participants who are crucial to the success of the study.
TG Observation
One of the key strategy to generate insights is to observe respondents. This technique help develop a map of the behavior exhibited by respondents and our team then finds out the reason behind the observed behavior which leads to insight
Insight Mining Workshop
This is a set of three workshops for brand managers and executives of an organization. This is a magical ride of observation to insight. Just like any magic this module consist of three workshops: Pledge, Turn, Prestige. In each of the workshops the participants work with the facilitator to generate brand key, identity and goal. This helps you define the character of your brand!!!

Quantitative Research

Surveys are the primary collection mechanism for feedback from customers and other stakeholders. Our survey builder allows you to easily create a wide range of surveys and supports distribution across web, email, SMS, USSD and kiosk channels. We’ve got libraries of preconfigured survey templates to get you up and running quickly.
Retail Audit
It is important for each business to explore its priorities and evaluate the current position in their retail activities and where it can be improved. We are providing mobile technology into the retail audit process for those looking for ways to enhance audit productivity, make improvements in retail business reporting and to expand communication for operational effectiveness.
Panel Study
Often it becomes important to understand how the behavior of a respondent changes over time Therefore we provide the solution of tracking a respondents over a period of time to track behavior change over time.
Mystery Shopping Study
If you are keen to understand the shopping experience of your clients then you can depend on the smart shoppers of Kaizen to help you develop an understanding of the service level received by your customers at your point of sales.

Kaizen Knowledge

A Look Into The Fisheries Industry

A report by Kaizen CRS on fisheries industry, the idea of the report is to give a general overview about the sector to its readers. The research is based on desk study and field visit to wholesale fish markets in Dhaka.

Consumer Behaviour in Digital Marketing

In Bangladesh a lot of brands are engaging with their consumers in digital space but there is next to no discussion on how this digital interaction by brands should vary for high involvement & low involvement brands. If this issue sounds interesting to you then don’t miss the research paper by Kaizen CRS on this issue, the study has been published in the July issue of the esteemed magazine Bangladesh Brand Forum.

Fight or Flight

Many of us travel by air for business, education, leisure trips etc. But do we know how the landscape of aviation industry is changing in Bangladesh?
Recently Kaizen CRS has conducted a survey to generate insights on the aviation industry of Bangladesh.


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